Ocean Ecopark Ancol

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Ocean Ecopark (Ecopark) is the newest theme park in Ancol Dream Park which became an eco-tourist area of ??33.6 ha. Since unveiled on eve of 484th anniversary of the city of Jakarta by Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo, Ecopark invaded visitors crowded the stage as a celebration of community and corporate events.

On Sunday (25/09/2011), two major events with a green lifestyle content to be held in Ancol Dream Park, a glance at perngembangan Ecopark as one of the magnets organizing the event. Among family gathering Regional Owned Enterprises (enterprises) with a total of 10,000 participants. They will follow the motion along the path opened by Bowo. This walk event starts at 07.00 am, start from the Art Market area, finished in Ecopark.

At the same time, Adidas King Of The Road, an international event of the Adidas, and marathon running competition. The event was followed by five countries of Southeast Asia. Indonesia as one of the participants as well as a host. The event was also opened by Bowo. The goal is to unite the lovers of sports in Southeast Asia and gave birth to a new runner pride of Indonesia.

The competition is targeting 5,000 participants will start at 07.00 am. Race conducted along 16.8 km will surround the entire area Ancol Ancol Dream Park to the western region. While the ceremonial event will be centered at Carnaval Beach.

Corporate Communications Manager of PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancol Tbk, Yan Harahap said Metty, Ancol Dream Park with total area more than 200 acres of recreation is often become a venue out door activity and the largest beach in Indonesia an attractive range of events, both nationally and internationally. Plus the presence of eco-tourism theme park recently, said Metty, the Ecopark a magnet that provides a platform for communities and corporations to organize various events-based eco-lifestye. Article by where is Bali, updated online media for Bali tourism information.

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